10 Low-Stress Jobs You May Consider

common low stress jobs

Low-stress jobs that foster an excellent work-life balance.

A high income may not be worth it if it’s stressful and nerve-wracking. Don’t choose a job based on income potential, but on your overall quality of life; look for low-stress jobs that offer high income and good working conditions.

That’s why we’ve identified careers with flexible hours, safe work environments, and work-life balance in our ranking of the best jobs.

Look at the following ten low-stress job opportunities to find the right job for you.

1. Data Scientist

A data scientist will analyze and present information for the employer, often in the technology sector.

Data scientists typically have a math and computer science background, as their work often requires both skills.

According to the BLS, this employment sector will grow 15% by 2029, so the outlook for new hires is excellent. A master’s degree is necessary to earn the median annual salary of $125,830 for data scientists.

 2. Dietitian

Dietitians work with families and individuals to help them live healthy lives and achieve health goals.

They focus on eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals and can help with meal planning, weight management, and other diet-related issues. The median salary for a dietitian is about $61,090.

3. Medical Documentation Technicians

The healthcare sector is widely associated with high work pressure, long hours, and demanding working conditions, especially during pandemics.

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One healthcare occupation that counters this trend is that of a medical documentation technician responsible for organizing and managing patient records. This job’s median annual salary is a modest $45,090, reflecting the low level of responsibility associated with the role.

4. Massage Therapist

Those seeking a calm, decelerated work environment should consider a career as a  Massage Therapist. Not only is a  Massage Therapist’s primary role to soothe tired or strained muscles and creating a relaxing atmosphere, but the service provided can be geared toward an undemanding clientele.

The obstacles to entry for this profession are low, and the health and wellness sector is growing if you are willing to undergo training to become licensed. The median annual salary for this occupation is $43,620.

Licensed massage therapists can work in various settings, including wellness centers, clinics, or independently.

 5. Appliance Repairer

If you’re good with tools and want a job that’s almost always in demand, a career in appliance repair might be right for you.

CareerCast rates this occupation as “very low stress,” and the median annual salary for general maintenance and repair work is $41,850. If you specialize and expand your skills, you may be able to earn more. According to the BLS, the top 10% earn nearly $71,000 annually.

6. Librarian

Are you thinking about changing your career? This low-stress job can be rewarding, and job opportunities are not limited to public libraries.

Schools, universities, law firms, and museums often hire librarians or academic librarians for various roles. The median salary is $60,820, and a bachelor’s degree may be enough to land a great job in this field.

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 7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic medical sonographers rely on special imaging equipment to perform medical tests or create images.

A Diagnostic medical sonographer often works in medical and diagnostic laboratories, hospitals, or doctors’ offices. In 2023, the average salary for this low-stress occupation, which requires only a bachelor’s degree, will be $75,380.

8. University Professor

Although some academics may disagree, CareerCast points to “university professor” as a low-stress job.

The BLS classifies this job as a “post-secondary teacher” and states that the median annual income is $80,790. Most professors have doctorates, but others, especially those working at community colleges in a particular subject area, may only need a master’s degree to teach.

9. Hair Stylist

Hair stylists deal with the public, which is an indicator of stress at work, according to CareerCast, but this occupation is considered low stress.

Stylists can work for themselves or as salon owners, and this occupation does not require a college degree, although all states require a license to practice.

To obtain a permit, one must complete a state-approved cosmetology degree, pass an exam, and then begin work. The average annual salary is $27,670, but you can often set your hours.

 10. Compliance Officer

A compliance officer will ensure that companies comply with legal and regulatory requirements, and internal policies and bylaws.

The annual salary for this job is $71,100, and several industries, such as finance, environmental, and manufacturing, hire compliance officers.

The Bottom Line

Although all occupations involve stress levels, some offer a better work-life balance than others. And many full-time jobs in booming industries offer less stress, but good benefits and pay in various fields.

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For those who want a low-stress career and enjoy a satisfying personal life, one option might be to look for jobs in thriving and prospering industries, such as those mentioned above.