Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. With longer life expectancies, fewer employers offering retirement benefits, and a volatile stock market, many seniors are looking for part-time jobs and may forget about retirement altogether.

Part-time work may be the answer for those who need to work, supplement their income, or stay active in retirement. However, not all part-time jobs are equal. Some jobs are suitable for older people and those that are not. Regardless of how fit you are, physically demanding jobs are better left to younger people who are less likely to suffer chronic injuries.

However, there is a part-time job to suit every taste, background, and skill level.

Whether you want to get out of the house, work in the outdoors, or have a side hustle in a home office, you’re sure to find a job that suits you.

Top 10 Potential Part-Time Jobs for Seniors


Consulting might be the best choice if you like your current job but don’t have the time to spend a little more on it. You can use your expertise, network, and experience to work part-time for your previous employer or another company in the same field.

Medium Salary:  To determine your pay, divide your last payment by the number of hours worked. Don’t forget to calculate health insurance, retirement benefits, and paid vacation.

Note: You may earn more per hour as a consultant than as an employee, especially if you are an experienced person who knows and experience the company’s needs.

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Retired teachers have the educational background and experience to help students learn complex subjects, improve their grades, and prepare them for exams like the SATs. In addition to tutoring, former teachers have other flexible work opportunities.

Median Wage: $18.07 per hour

3.Athletic Coach

Would you like to share the joy of sports with a new generation of athletes and be active simultaneously? Coaching might be something for you. Salaries aren’t usually high, hovering around a few thousand dollars per season, but if you need extra spending money and want to work outdoors, a job as an athletic trainer could be perfect for you.

Median Wage: $15.72 per hour

4.Tax Preparer

If you are knowledgeable about accounting and like to work early in the year, a tax preparer job could be the part-time job you’re looking for. Tax preparers typically work long hours during tax season, which lasts until about April 15. After that, their schedule is lightened for the rest of the year.

Median Wage: $14.08 per hour


The bookkeeper must be proficient in QuickBooks (cloud-based) accounting software and Microsoft Excel. They must also be careful about details and be able to communicate requirements to clients and co-workers.

Median Wage: $18.18 per hour

6.Medical Billers/Coders

Medical billers and coders convert medical services into diagnosis codes used for medical billing. They also prepare, mail, and track medical bills for patients and insurance companies. A credential is required for the job, although some employers prefer applicants with an associate’s degree.

Median Wage: $16.91 per hour

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 7.Customer Service Representatives

Customer service jobs are always available, and many of them can work from home. If you can communicate well on the phone or chat and don’t mind trying to convince people when they’re not doing well, you could work part-time from your home office in this profession.

Median Wage: $17.23 per hour

 8.Virtual Assistant

If you are an administrative assistant in your full-time job and are comfortable with technology, working as a virtual assistant could turn your skills into a new part-time job. Working as a virtual assistant doesn’t necessarily require a college degree, but you should have solid writing skills and be familiar with online tools like Microsoft Office and Slack. You must also be well-organized, detail-oriented, and able to work under tight, ever-changing deadlines.

Median Wage: $16.06 per hour

9.Pet sitter/dog walker

If you have a dog and used to work full time, you’ll remember how difficult it was to get your furry friend his daily exercise and avoid accidents. Dog walkers is one of the best part-time jobs for seniors. They work during the day and don’t have to rush home after work. If you like cats or love animals, you can earn extra money by caring for pets while your clients travel.

Use apps like Rover and Wag to find a job as dog sitters or walkers.

Median pay: $15.05/hour

10. Blogger

Writing and managing a blog is perhaps the ultimate job you can do from home, requiring no education or special training. All you need is a command of the language and a sufficient technical understanding to learn how to use different content management systems like WordPress.

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If you are an expert in your field, you can enter the profession by expanding your clips in online publications in your area. The more you can turn your experience into money, the faster you can build your business as a freelance blogger.

Median pay: $15.03 per hour.