Best paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics

Best paying jobs in package cosmetics

Passionate about beauty, you are looking for a job in this sector that will allow you to earn a living while fulfilling yourself comfortably.

To find out the best paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics, 7attan has analyzed the salaries of trades that will meet your expectations.

The beauty and cosmetics sector

The beauty and cosmetics sector

Despite the economic crisis, the beauty and cosmetics sector held up well. Jobs in the beauty and cosmetics sector benefit from significant dynamic growth drivers in emerging markets, particularly in Asia and Latin America. The industry combines all the activities, processes and treatments to beautify the human body.

The cosmetics industry includes all products applied to the body to wash it, perfume it, and beautify it: perfumes, toiletries, hair products, make-up, self-tanners, etc.
Many scientific profiles are found in this sector, as are engineers and technicians who work to improve products. There are also marketing and sales specialists. From year to year, the qualification level becomes more demanding. Indeed, the sector must meet characteristics that are always a little more specific about safety, hygiene and sustainable development. Innovation is necessary and requires the integration of highly qualified profiles.

Aesthetics and cosmetics: What advantages does this sector offer?

Aesthetics and cosmetics

Many Americans are increasingly developing a strong attraction for the professions inherent in the cosmetics and aesthetics sector. This is explained by the diversity of advantages offered by this area:

  • Short and simple training courses.
  • Be your boss.
  • A panoply of professional outlets.
  • Easy professional integration.
  • A sector open to all.
  • Lack of routine.
  • Exercise at home.
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What do we mean by packaged or cosmetic products?

Choosing the proper packaging for a cosmetic, skincare or personal care product is essential. It must not only effectively protect the product’s contents but also be safe, functional and attractive to potential customers; the container is a crucial factor in purchasing.
The secret to successful packaging development for your products is choosing the many options and types of packaging and materials for each cosmetic product you want to create.

Best paying jobs in package goods/cosmetics

Salesman in perfumery and cosmetics

As its name suggests, it sells cosmetics and perfumes in large specialized brands, in independent shops or the service of a brand in department stores. The advantage of this profession is that it is accessible without a specific diploma.
This professional (like other sellers) is generally paid at minimum wage. Nevertheless, with sales bonuses, a profit-sharing system, and several years of experience, a salesperson’s salary in perfumery and cosmetics can quickly climb.
By becoming department head, his remuneration will also change.

Product manager in cosmetics

Cosmetic companies also employ product managers within their marketing department to carry out various missions: a study of the market, consumer behavior and competition, production of a marketing plan, analysis of KPIs (market shares, sales, margins, etc.), development of a media plan, design of promotional materials, implementation of consumer tests.
This profession is generally accessible with a baccalaureate +5 level of studies. A junior product manager earns an average of $2700 gross per month.

Perfume creator

Also called perfume, perfume creator or composer-perfumer, the “nose” uses its sense of smell to create new scents and fragrances used in the development of beauty products, toilet waters, perfumes, soaps, shower or deodorants…
This cosmetics profession is well paid since the remuneration of a beginner is around $2,200 gross per month, and that of a confirmed is around $3,500 gross per month, which can be bonuses and profit-sharing. Thanks to his experience and notoriety, his salary can reach $10,000 gross monthly at the very end of his career.
Head of the cosmetic laboratory, trainer in aesthetics, network manager, and artistic director of make-up or hair are well-paid jobs in packaged/cosmetic products.

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Aesthetic professions

Plastic surgeon

One of the highest paying jobs in aesthetics is that of a plastic surgeon. This profession in medicine and aesthetics allows you to earn between $4,000 (for a beginner) and $11,000 gross (for a renowned practitioner) per month, to which various bonuses and allowances are added. Income varies greatly depending on his status and the excess fees he practices.

Manager of a beauty salon

Another aesthetic profession with attractive remuneration is that of a beauty salon manager.
Responsible for a salon and a team of beauticians, this professional manages his establishment from A to Z.

This profession is accessible after a few years of experience and obtaining a professional certificate or a BTS aesthetics-cosmetics-perfumery. His salary is variable according to the turnover achieved. If this manager works for a network, his remuneration will be composed of a fixed amount (approximately $1700) and a percentage of the turnover.

Beautician at home

This professional generally offers the same services (modelling, hair removal, manicure, make-up, etc.) as in an institute, with the difference that she exercises at her home or that of her clients.
Once her portfolio of clients is well developed (which takes some time), a home beautician can earn a comfortable salary provided she focuses on the most profitable services and works for wealthy clients.

Makeup artist / professional makeup artist

This makeup professional generally has the status of entertainment worker. His salary will therefore depend on the number of days worked. On average, the daily wage varies between $150 and $180 gross in television and between $200 and $250 gross in cinema.
As you will have understood, the salary can quickly climb during the shooting of a film or a tour, for example.

Image coach

In charge of helping his clients to enhance themselves and improve their image and appearance, a makeover coach essentially works as a liberal. In this case, his remuneration will be based on his notoriety, the price of his services and the size of his clientele; he will generally charge between $150 and $300 per hour of work.

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As an employee in a hairdressing salon, a beauty salon or a spa, he will earn the minimum wage. On the other hand, if he works in a renowned makeover agency, his remuneration will be more comfortable.

Hairdressing professions as well-paying jobs in the beauty industry

Manager of a hair salon

As a beauty professional, the hair salon manager has a double role: hairdresser and manager. Thus, he carries out cuts, brushings and colorings as well as accounting, management, recruitment or the administrative management of his establishment.
The average monthly salary of a hairdresser with his salon is over $4,500 for a man and $4,200 for a woman.

Hairdresser – Manager

According to the collective hairdressing agreement, a beginner hairdresser manager’s conventional minimum salary (based on 35 hours per week) is $1950, and that of a highly qualified manager is $2973 gross per month. Added are seniority bonuses from 5 years spent in the hairdressing salon.

Hairdresser at home

The salary of a hairdresser at home varies according to the volume of his clientele and the services provided. According to a study, it can reach $2084 gross per month.
Note that the administrative hairdressing sector is the one that offers the highest minimum wages of all (up to $2,532 gross per month, depending on the coefficient).

Other freelance jobs, such as barber, manicurist, and nail technician… allow you to earn a comfortable living provided you have a good address book. The remuneration will be based on the services invoiced, the number of clients and the popularity of the professional.


We have reviewed some of the highest-paying jobs in packaged goods/cosmetics.
So which one do you dream of?