Career day ideas: how to make it a success?

Career day ideas: how to make it a success?

The career day is most often used to demonstrate different professional avenues. It uses community resources to educate individuals about the realities of the world of work.

Career day ideas : how to make it a success?
Why is career Day important?
What are some ideas for career Day?

There are different models for organizing a career day

Career day ideas: how to make it a success?

  1. A series of monthly or weekly meetings relating to a sector specific professional;
  2. An annual or semi-annual event where several sectors rub shoulders professionals;
  3. Activities integrated into a specific training within the framework of a day specific.

These models use several types of animations (verbal explanations, interviews, demonstrations, conferences, simulation games, discussions, exhibition stands, information kiosks, video projections, presentations of new documentation, etc.).

What is the target audience for this day?

target audience for The career day

The career day is aimed at an unlimited number of people depending on the activity’s context and organization. The limits are determined by the number of speakers or collaborators and the number of rooms available. When organizing such a day, it is advisable to estimate the number of people targeted.
However, the larger the target audience, the more complex the planning becomes.
The people targeted are both stakeholders (educators, guidance staff, parents) and groups of young people or adults.

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Advantages and disadvantages of the career day

Advantages and disadvantages


– Offers companies the opportunity to make a direct contribution to training institutions.
– Serves to promote the public image of companies and training institutions.
– Groups several participants and activities in a single day.
– Enables professional exploration of the various interests of the target population.
– Promotes more informed decision-making regarding further education and employment opportunities.
– Easily arouses the interest of the target clienteles.
– Encourages individuals to think about and be interested in their orientation.
– Increases participant motivation.
– Gives current and direct information.
– Features a wide range of professions.
– Promotes the creation of a pleasant atmosphere.
– Values the work of educators and stakeholders in educational and professional guidance and information.


Requires enormous work in terms of planning, carrying out and coordinating activities.
– Sometimes creates a fairground atmosphere that can interfere with the initial orientation objective.
– Arouses some people’s disapproval regarding the disturbances caused by such a day.
– Rarely allows the individuals concerned to see everything or hear what interests them.
– Leaves few speakers to choose from as they may not all be available on the same day.
The steps necessary for the realization of this day

Before Career Day

Career day Composition of a work team

1) Composition of a work team

▪ Appointment of the members of the organizing committee.
▪ Determination of organizational criteria.
▪ Estimation of operating costs (budget).
▪ Permission(s) and endorsement(s) (if applicable).
▪ Determination of a work schedule.
▪ Task sharing.

2) Preparation of the target clientele

▪ Survey of the target audience.
▪ Compilation of survey data.
▪ realization and dissemination of activities necessary for preparing the target clientele.

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3) Preparation of employees for the labour market

▪ Recruitment of collaborators.
▪ Preliminary contacts with collaborators.
▪ Information meeting with employees.
▪ Personal support for employees.

4) Planning the career day

▪ Study of the availability of premises and resources.
▪ Development plan for the career day.
▪ Organization of the schedules of collaborators, individuals or groups.
▪ dissemination of schedules and readjustment (if applicable).

5) Career Day Promotion

▪ External promotion.
▪ Internal promotion.
▪ Confirmation to collaborators in the labour market.

During Career Day

Career day ideas

1) Registration of people
2) Progress of career day activities

After Career Day

After Career Day

1) Career day evaluation
2) Letters of thanks to employees in the labour market
3) Career day activity report
4) Follow-up activities (if applicable)

Career day ideas

Personal development, personal and career growth

Ideas for themes related to the career day

– The importance of work.
– Personal values and career choice.
– The importance of continuing education.
– The importance of general training.
– The importance of school subjects.
– Training and employment.
– Professions and lifestyles.
– Personality and professions.
– The professional sectors of the future.
– The interdependence of workers.
– Professional mobility.
– The local labour market.
– Non-traditional occupations.
– The technological evolution of working methods.
– Entrepreneurship.
– The formation continues.
– Employability.
– Challenges in the labour market for professionals in a particular field.