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Together with the client manager, the creative director identifies a client’s needs. Depending on the client’s offer, its positioning and the targeted target, it analyzes its main competitors and its previous communication actions. Its objective: is to present the customer with models with solid sales arguments. But his missions differ according to his employer.

The creative director draws up a communication policy. He can develop an innovative concept in a multimedia agency and optimize an advertiser’s budget in traditional and new media. However, good knowledge of the different media seems essential to exercise this profession.

Within an advertising, communication or design agency, the creative director jobs consists of establishing a clever strategy. He manages the creatives and the writers, but he can also sometimes play the role of artistic director for certain large accounts. Creative within a communication or advertising agency and works on campaigns for companies wishing to enhance their image.

Working as a creative director is only for some. First, you need to have a lot of imagination and persuasion. Creative and persuasive, he must convince his client to launch a campaign that encourages him to buy.

Like any managerial job, a creative director must know how to manage and motivate a team so that each creative or copywriter gives his best.

Main missions 

Creative Director Jobs

  • Study market trends on a national and international scale, and follow the emergence of new artistic currents.
  • Evaluate the work of competing agencies
  • Study the campaigns noticed by professionals.
  • Monitoring new forms of communication and the expectations of advertisers and consumers.
  • Regularly discuss strategic planning.
  • Be attentive to the appearance of studios or the formation of new creative collectives; meet them, and discuss their ideas and way of working.
  • Observing the arrival of new graphic and multimedia design tools and meeting new solution providers.
  • Launch creative briefs with the teams on themes identical to those of the clients or subjects little explored by the agency to enrich the “book” (repertoire of the agency’s creations).
  • Meet artists and discuss with them during exhibitions and vernissages.
  • Understand the history and evolution of the brand’s positioning: know its offer, values and codes.
  • Review the history of previous campaigns and assess creatives, media coverage and customer satisfaction. Master, the client, ‘s preferred target clientele(s); know their sociodemographic characteristics and the key factors that explain how they react to this or that form of communication.
  • Discuss strategic planning to deepen their knowledge of the customers to refine the lines of creative thinking.
  • Engage with client management on their strategic recommendations; offers alternatives to improve the strength of the advertising message.
  • Define the axes of reflection and record them in a creative brief, which will be presented to the artistic team intervening in this file.
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Technical skills

Technical skills

  • Mastery of the graphic and editorial charter, knowledge of graphic design tools (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXpress…) and multimedia (After Effect, 3D, Flash…).
  • Skills in drawing/illustration but also in creating communication messages, excellent writing skills required.
  • Knowledge of different forms of communication; excellent culture of the media and the players who make up the market.
  • Good experience in marketing; development of a strong sensitivity towards consumers.
  • Good knowledge of the brand universe of the agency’s clients and its competitive environment.
  • Excellent general knowledge to master the economic, social, cultural, and political news… of the countries where the brand “speaks”. Managerial skills to supervise teams of a specific size and multidisciplinary; ability to federate and motivate a group.
  • Rigour and formalism; ability to create and animate support documents such as creative briefs and presentation documents (“storyboard”).
  • Organizational skills to structure the creative department and improve its efficiency.
  • Fluency in English or another foreign language to work on international communications budgets.

Personal qualities

Personal qualities

  • Creative, inventive and astute spirit, limitless imagination and conceptual intelligence… Talent, audacity and ability to innovate
  • Great artistic sensitivity to interpret a client communication issue.
  • Ease of manipulation and mixing images and words to extend or reinvent the customer’s brand experience.
  • Critical sense to question the first creative proposals and push the reflection as far as possible.
  • Intuition to anticipate the emergence of new creative trends and new artistic movements.
  • Communication skills to deliver client presentations; force of conviction to convey original ideas.
  • Charisma to manage large teams but also to represent the creative direction to the general manager.
  • Good pressure resistance, ability to manage stress and take a step back on a customer issue.
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Career and salary

Career and salary

The rise of new technologies

The most crucial development for communication agencies lies in new technologies. The time is digital and the Web more than printed paper (print). The creative director had to reinvent his way of conceiving a project: from now on; he must take into account “online” as well as “off,” i.e. he proposes “online” projects (sites web, referencing, applications for smartphones, etc.) and “offline” projects (poster campaigns, business cards, etc.). Today, these two networks are complementary and interact together: this is called cross-media.

A dynamic but fragile sector

The rise of cultural activities, the arrival of new media, and the development of the dissemination of information and advertising communication have boosted the sector. 

At the peak of a career

A creative director can evolve by becoming the general manager of a communication or advertising agency or by creating his agency.

Beginner’s salary

3000 dollars per month.

The salary of a creative director can go up very quickly and very high, especially in the big Parisian agencies.

Type of training

Schools specializing in communication, art, advertising and multimedia

Business schools and IEP Diplomas Bac + 5 (Specialized Master) in communication, advertising, plastic arts…

Access to the creative director jobs

Access to the creative director jobs

The creative director jobs are generally accessible to an artistic director, a designer-editor or even a talented advertising manager with at least 5 years of experience. He has a background in graphic design, fine arts, communication, advertising or commerce.