12 High Paying Jobs and the Degrees You Need to Get Them

12 High Paying Jobs and the Degrees You Need to Get Them

When choosing a career, young people want one of the highest-paying jobs that they enjoy. It’s important to find out at a young age, which jobs pay well and which don’t. As in past years, the list shows that many of the jobs on this list are in health care.

The same pattern holds true for tech occupations. However, most of these jobs require extensive study. At least a bachelor’s degree is required.

All 12 of these occupations are on the rise and will be in even greater demand in the future.

1. Physicians – $195,000

The medical profession is one of the best-paying jobs for two reasons. The first one is the constant need for doctors, and the second one is the length of training.

To become a doctor, one must complete eight years of formal training and four years of medical school.

However, many people do not have the patience to attend such lengthy schools, so fewer people are training to become doctors. If you persevere through years of training, you will be rewarded with a lucrative salary.

2. Pharmacy Director/Manager – $ 146,000

Pharmacy managers are one of the high-paying jobs out there. They are more responsible than the average pharmacy employee.

They must be prepared with a doctorate in pharmacy, which takes at least six years. This is only the minimum requirement.

To become a pharmacy manager, you need at least six to ten years of experience as a licensed pharmacist.

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If you want to further your qualifications, you can earn a master’s degree in pharmacy management. This program takes about two years and greatly increases your chances of getting a job.

3. Pharmacist – $ 127,000

The US has quite liberal prescription policies compared to many other countries. As a result, there is a constant need for licensed pharmacists.

They need the same qualifications that are required to become a pharmacy manager. Their duties go beyond sitting behind the counter.

You may also work in a lab, helping to make new medications or conduct tests in a controlled environment. After completing your pharmacy doctorate, you can apply for an internship with a leading pharmaceutical company.

4. Enterprise Architect -$115.900

To get this job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in IT or IT management, depending on your alma mater. In today’s increasingly digital world, enterprise architects are among the most sought-after professionals in the world.

Your job is to meet with managers, customers, and executives and listen to their business strategies. Based on the information you gather, you create and improve information technology systems.

This includes developing software for communication inside the company and improving B2B marketing and communication. Training employees is also important.

5. Corporate counsel – $115,500

The main task is to protect companies and employees from the threat of litigation. To get this job, you need to earn the title of Juris Doctor. Then you have to pass the state bar exam and specialize in corporate law.

6. Physician Assistant – $108,000

Physician Assistant is one of the high paying jobs

Although it is recommended that all physicians care for no more than 1,400 patients, this is not always the case. The average physician cares for about 3,200 different people, so there is a need for physician assistants.

Therefore, this is one of the highest-paying jobs around.

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You need a medical degree, but with much less specialization than a doctor. Physician assistants assist physicians with routine examinations and tasks. There are some states that allow, assistants, to even prescribe medications.

7. Software Development Manager – $108 000

Software Development Managers Need Practical Skills – IT is a niche field that is different from many others because there are no strict requirements for formal education; you can study IT or software development, but many managers are self-taught.

To prove their knowledge, SDMs receive a formal degree from an internationally recognized governing body. Their job is to develop and implement new solutions for customers and the company.

Facilitating communication between employees and automation is also part of your duties.

8. Software Engineering Manager – $107,000

Software Engineering Manager is one of the high paying jobs

In smaller companies, it’s common to merge the roles of software engineer and software development manager. This means that a bachelor’s degree in IT and an official certificate in addition to a high school diploma are all you need to get this job.

Unlike development managers, software engineering managers focus on maintaining programs and solutions. They look for ways to improve energy efficiency and avoid unexpected glitches.

It is a dynamic and demanding, but very lucrative profession for those who prefer an active environment.

9. Nurse Practitioner  – $106,000

Nurse Practitioner is one of the high paying jobs

Do you enjoy interacting with people and helping them? Then the job of a nurse could be just right for you. If you want to apply for this job, you must have at least a master’s degree from an accredited medical school in the country.

Generally, the research and its duration are far less demanding than what is needed to become a doctor.

They take patients’ medical histories, perform tests, and make diagnoses when necessary. To work as a Nurse Practitioner, you must earn a national credential and be registered. A doctorate degree increases your chances of getting a job.

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10. Software Architect – $105,000

As with any IT profession, there is a wide range of degree programs available for the Software Architect job. Software engineering, computer science, and even server administration would be sufficient qualifications for this position.

Software architects are one of the fastest-growing jobs, with an expected growth rate of 17%.

The job of a software architect is to act as a liaison between clients and software engineers. Together with their team, they turn ideas and proposals into functional software.

If you are a good listener and have good leadership skills, this is an ideal position for you.

11. Engineering Manager – $ 105 000 

Engineering Manager is one of the high paying jobs

To apply for a technical manager position, you need at least a master’s degree. Many universities offer degree programs that emphasize both management and engineering.

Upon completion of your degree, you will be able to solve problems using engineering skills as well as take on leadership roles.

Your duties will most likely be split between a field assignment and a modified leadership role. If you enjoy juggling many tasks, this is one of the high-paying jobs that will keep you enriched and happy.

12. Application Development Manager – $104,000

Application Development Manager is one of the high paying jobs

Last but not least, there is a popular application developer job. The degree required for this position can be obtained in any field of information technology. Software development is considered the most sought-after field of study.

More than in any other profession, ADMs must be both communicative and problem-solving oriented; ADMs are maybe the most necessary link between software engineers and upper management in a business.