How many jobs are available in diversified commercial services ?

jobs available in diversified commercial services

The commerce sector is finding new opportunities to E-commerce. As for mass distribution, it still offers exciting prospects for young graduates. Discover the set of jobs available in diversified commercial services.

What is the role of a commercial ?

jobs are available in diversified commercial services

The commercial’s role is to generate and develop a company’s sales, thanks to prospecting methods and the development of its customer portfolio. The commercial is also known as the salesperson, representative, usher (VPR), or technical sales representative.

What are the duties of a commercial?

the duties of a commercial

The missions of the commercial are varied; they depend on the structure of the company in which he works. His primary mission is to expand his client portfolio through sales and prospecting techniques, thus developing his company’s sales and meeting his turnover target. He is in charge of a range of products or services for which he must negotiate the prices and quantities with customers and prospects.

He also follows up on new products and services because he will have to present them to his prospects and customers.

Jobs available in commercial services

The trade sector

The trade sector: B to B or B to C

Selling cannot be improvised. This is why supermarkets, clothing, automobiles, insurance, art and all companies in the commercial sector call on trade professionals to best sell their products to consumers.
Commerce employs millions of people, who are divided between local shops for less than half, and mass distribution and B to B (business to business, companies that sell products and services to other businesses) for the other half.

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E-commerce: the new outlets of the web


Buyer, salesperson, store manager or business manager: the professions in the sector are numerous and require a variety of profiles and levels of study. However, they all need to be in constant contact with the customer, in the flesh and increasingly in virtual form.
The e-commerce boom generates significant opportunities, forcing trade businesses to adapt. In addition, new consumer demands are giving rise to markets, such as organic or fair trade.

What is the salary of a commercial?

salary of a commercial

Several factors influence the salary. Indeed, the number of years of experience, seniority or the company’s structure determines the remuneration level.
The salary of a commercial is between $30,000 and $60,000.

What are the skills and qualities required for a commercial ?


• Perfect knowledge of sales techniques
• Solid knowledge of sales techniques
• Excellent negotiation skills
• Good communication skills
• Good knowledge of the sector in which he works and its products
• Knowledge of commercial law
• Fluency in English may be required
• Have good resistance to stress

List of Commerce and Sales jobs

responsible for selling

Commercial (responsible for selling):

• customer relationship manager
• Technical Sales Engineer
• sedentary sales representative
• Sales Engineer
• head of sales
• Department manager
• merchandiser
• sales consultant in perfumery
• demonstrator
• export manager
• telemarketer
• store merchant
•  export salesman
• direct sales consultant
• technical salesman

Strategists (they develop trade policy)


• sales administrator
• category manager
• commercial director
• Director of Operations
• sign developer
• network manager
• Head of Department
• key account/key account manager
• business to business negotiator
• e-commerce/m-commerce manager

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Managers (they manage structures or teams related to sales)


• franchised merchant
• supermarket manager
• regional sales manager
• store manager
• Sales animator
• center manager
• Business Leader
• luxury manager
• responsible distribution manager
• sales director

Retail trades

Retail trades

The distribution employs 650,000 people, and the number of brands increases yearly. In each group and sometimes each store, we find all the commercial, strategic and managerial sales functions.
However, we can add other trades oriented towards reception or technology, and necessary for the proper functioning of a store. We can cite among them:

• cashier
• head of cash
• decorator-display designer
• employee self-service
• consumer manager
• floor technician