How many jobs are available in public utilities?

How many jobs are available in public utilities

Before getting into the utility industry, you need to know the utility industries and how many jobs are available in public utilities.
Public service professions can be defined as all professions associated with an activity governed by the State and local authorities. It could be a job of general interest on behalf of an administration or a public service. There are many branches of public service activity. It can be education, health, management, or even security.

Most of the time, to work within the public service, it will be necessary to pass a competition. After training, the agent can integrate service with a generally ordinary hierarchical organization. There is a manager responsible for organizing the work of one or more people.

The missions of jobs are available in public utilities

The missions of jobs are available in public utilities

By choosing to work in public service professions, it will be possible to join the health sector. We will be able to work within what is called the public hospital service. This brings together various professions related to personal and health services, such as nursing assistants, nurses, or service managers. The jobs to be filled in this public service branch are numerous. There are also surface technicians and people in charge of catering in this establishment.

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Public services are also professions offered by the State or territorial professions. It will thus be possible to work on behalf of the State of a department. The jobs offered by this type of community are quite diverse. One could, for example, work for a financial department linked to capital management, with positions similar to the functions of an accountant. The public service also offers security-related positions, such as municipal police officer.

Where to practice in the field of public utilities ?

Jobs in public utilities are a real pool of jobs. It will be possible to exercise this type of work within several establishments. It could be a ministry, a regional or departmental council, or a town hall. There are also organizations in the social field, such as social centers, PMIs, or establishments linked to education.

Public service jobs are available everywhere in the United States and are not only reserved for large cities and can accommodate all kinds of agents, depending on the needs of a community or the State.

Here are some common examples of utilities:

  • Water supply
  • Electrical services
  • Wastewater maintenance
  • Gas supply
  • Telephony and communication services

So you already understand the value of utilities and high employment opportunities throughout the season.

How many jobs are available in public utilities?

Here are the types of jobs available in the utility sectors, and with the profile, you will get an idea of the companies in the utility field.

The natural gas utility sector

The natural gas utility sector

Extensive shale gas exploration and production activity has developed in the U.S. sedimentary basins due to technical improvements and falling costs in horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Thanks to the American shale gas “revolution,” the United States became a gas exporter in 2017 and competed with the largest LNG suppliers, such as Qatar and Australia. Other countries have embarked on shale gas production (Canada, China, Argentina, etc.).

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This industry alone supports over 9.8 million jobs. This means that 5.6% of the American labor force is concealed. More than 2.1 million jobs support an unconventional oil and natural gas value chain.

Water and Waste Management Utility Sector

Waste water - public utilities

An engineer controlling the quality of water , aerated activated sludge tank at a waste water treatment plant

Nearly three out of four jobs (78%) in the world depend, directly or indirectly, on water resources, according to the 2016 edition of the UNESCO World Water Resources Development Report. In addition, several jobs in the utility sector would facilitate the creation of water-related jobs: positions in regulatory institutions, infrastructure financing, real estate, wholesale and retail, and construction.

Although many new employment companies want to know how many jobs are available in public services. And sometimes, these areas jump out of their mind.

Electric utilities

Electrical services - public utilities

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that in 2012 there were approximately 723,000 jobs in the central electric utility sector. This includes jobs in the public and private sectors.

Public sector jobs are found primarily at the state and federal government levels and include positions such as hydroelectric dam operators, transmission line inspectors, and load controllers. Many of these positions require a professional license. Some states also have community-owned electric utilities, which may also have available utility jobs.

What is the average salary of public utilities?

What is the average salary of public utilities

If we often talk about average salary, the median salary also gives a good indicator of the distribution of wealth within a population. The most recent data goes back. The median salary in the United States posted is $61,372. This figure is explained in particular by the high percentage of low wages (wages below two-thirds of the median wage), the highest of the G7 countries and almost equivalent to 25% of the working population.

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After fighting for a minimum wage, the United States now has a minimum wage, a decision that is not federal, however. Thus, this minimum remuneration depends on each state. In areas where the cost of living is higher (like California and Washington), the minimum wage is between $11 and $11.5 an hour. In Georgia, a much less developed territory, the minimum wage is $5.15.


You got your answer for how many jobs are available in public utilities. But it all depends on your passions. Every individual has different types of love for their career. And that’s exactly the right way to use your experiences and passion. Usually, school leaving certificates or school life certificates are enough to start your career in the utility industry.