The 10 Best Tech Jobs


Secure a bright future with one of these tech jobs.

Can you develop an application? Do you know how cloud computing works? If so, you could earn a lot of money. The technology industry is attractive to workers for several reasons. First, with so many computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices that our society relies on, there is a massive demand for tech-savvy workers.

It is also an industry where you are often well paid and can work from home. This article will present the ten best jobs in the tech sector.

 1. Data scientist

Harvard Business Review (HBR) calls data scientists “the most attractive job of the 21st century.”

The demand for people who can analyze data to help companies make better decisions is high, but the supply of qualified candidates is relatively low.

According to a 2021 report by Burtch Works, salaries for third-level Data Scientist managers are as high as $250,000. Burtch Works notes that most data scientists have master’s or doctoral degrees in mathematics/statistics, computer science, or engineering.

Average annual salary: $109,660

2. Software Developer

Software developers are in high demand in the tech sector jobs. This growth is fueled by demand for mobile applications and other technology-driven products. Software developers design applications, whereas systems software developers design operating systems and interfaces.

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A degree in mathematics, software engineering, or computer science is typically required.

Average annual salary: $112,140

3. Information Security Analyst

Most of the openings on the list are for computer security analysts. Risk Based Security/Flashpoint, an international security firm, states that more than 22 billion pieces of data will be misused in 2022.

These breaches highlight the urgent need for cybersecurity analysts. The typical requirement is a bachelor’s degree in computer science or programming, although some employers prefer a master’s degree in information systems.

Average annual salary: $104,600

4. Computer Systems Analyst

We need Computer systems analysts to design and install new computer systems, and computer consulting firms hire most.

Growth is occurring primarily in the following areas: Cloud computing, mobile technology, and medical records. Applicants typically must have a degree in an IT field.

Average annual salary: $100,270

5. Web Developer

You can get this job without a bachelor’s degree. There are three types of web developers; Web designers, who create the layout and design of a website, need a degree in web design.

Webmasters manage websites and may need a webmaster certificate, an associate degree in web development, or a bachelor’s degree, depending on the employer.

Web architects, who are responsible for the technical design of a website, usually need a bachelor’s degree in programming or computer science.

Median annual salary: $78,200

6. Sales Engineers

While demand for sales engineers in other industries will grow by only 8%, the 2022 Global Market Report projects that the growth rate for professionals selling computer software and hardware will nearly triple.

Many sales engineers have degrees in business, science, or technical fields. They also need to be technically proficient in making proposals, describing products, and answering questions.

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Median annual salary: $105,710

7. Information Technology Manager

IT managers are known by various names, including computer and information systems managers, chief information officers (CIO), chief technology officers (CTO), IT directors, and IT security managers. Duties vary, but typically include managing an IT team and meeting the organization’s technical needs.

This job Requires a bachelor’s degree in computer or information science, although some employers prefer an MBA.

Median annual salary: $162,010

8. Computer Research Scientist

This occupation has the fewest new job openings because it is difficult to enter. Computer and information scientists typically require a Ph.D., which keeps demand for this position high due to the small applicant pool.

Computer and information scientists write algorithms that help companies analyze data, among other things.

Median annual salary: $134,010

9. Network and Systems Administrator

This profession is known for the lowest growth rate on the list, but don’t be fooled. Companies will require network and computer systems administrators to handle day-to-day technical tasks. They must also install and maintain local and wide area networks and intranets.

Applicants for this position typically have computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering degrees.

Median Annual Salary: $82,600

10. Computer Support Specialist

Computer support specialists are the lowest-paying positions on this list. Still, they also require the least time in school, and most employers hire candidates with a postsecondary certificate or associate’s degree. There are two computer support specialists: computer network and user support specialists.

Computer network support specialists typically work with IT staff to troubleshoot problems. Computer user support specialists, also called help desk technicians, assist customers and non-technical staff.

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Median annual wage: $59,910.

The Bottom Line

The technology industry is one of the fastest growing and most in-demand businesses. Use this article as a guide to assess the job outlook, salary, and education required for your dream tech job.