Top 10 Free Job Posting Sites

top job posting sites

Nothing in this world is free, but you should know that there are job posting sites where you can list services and jobs completely for free. Millions of people visit these best free job websites and apply for the jobs listed there. The world of work is a huge market for talent, and people from all over the world can apply and make their dreams come true.

You need to know that the free job posting websites have one thing in common – people apply for jobs, and these sites get traffic. So let’s take a look at some of the most trusted sites where you can post jobs for free, as listed below.

1.Craigslist: trusted in the USA

This is one of the job posting sites from the USA that is very popular due to its reliability and ability to post potent jobs.

It is free, but in some areas, there is a fee. Craigslist is one of the most popular jobs posting sites because it offers a wide range of jobs, from prestigious jobs to jobs for beginners. It is very popular among people who want to take risks in a better way.

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2.Indeed: worldwide popularity

It is one of the world’s largest job posting websites, with over 250 million employers searching for suitable candidates for their open positions. Applicants who apply can be tracked through resumes and interviews via a free job tracking system available to employers.

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Posted positions can also be sponsored by employers to gain access to applicants who can apply for that job. In this way, they can be screened for available positions.

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3.TheLadders: Your steps to achievement

TheLadders is one of the most interesting job portals that deals exclusively with professional jobs under 40,000. The main purpose of such a job posting is to screen applicants and hire only those who are suitable for the job.

The platform also allows employers to post about 20 jobs for free. How wonderful is that? It’s heaven for employers.

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4.JobSpider: Spinning Jobs Everywhere

This is one of the job posting sites that allow employers to post jobs for free with no obligation. They can search for resumes and create job postings that appeal to a wide range of workers at any time.

The platform says it is popular with job seekers, with employers from around the world posting around 100,000 jobs. This portal is very attractive to job seekers.

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5.Hubstaff: a hub for vacancies

It is a reliable website that stands out from cheaper job portals and reaches around 90 000 job seekers every month. The jobs advertised on the site cover many categories, including temporary, permanent, and freelance positions that are only needed on a temporary basis.

The great thing about this website is that it also caters to freelancers.

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6.Postjobfree: premium job portal

Postjobfree offers both free job posting and a premium service that allow you to post your jobs on other job boards. All services are free to use, but there is a charge for the premium service.

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7.Ziprecruiter: enjoy opportunities everywhere

The website is one of the best free job boards that allow posting a job completely free of charge, and jobs can even be posted on 100 other job boards at the same time. After the initial job posting, there are a number of fees to pay to post additional job postings, which are set by the employer.

The fees are usually based on the type of job the employer is hiring for. The website attracts the best talent who agree with its policy.

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8.Glassdoor : Stay one step ahead

This website allows employers to post jobs for free for 30 days. After that, they charge a set amount based on the number of jobs posted. Employers can also view reviews of their companies and be alerted to scammers.

The website also offers a forum for professionals, which is intended to attract highly qualified applicants.

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9.FlexJobs: A dream for freelancers

The jobs advertised on this website are primarily remote jobs to recruit remote workers. The site is a haven for employees who want to work from home and relax during their preferred hours. Employers can post up to five jobs for free and pay for more.

There are also paid plans that can be selected depending on the recruiter’s preference. This website is cooler than it looks.

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10.Fiverr: a hub for freelancers

This is a huge platform for freelancers to post gigs for free. Employers look at many resumes and choose the ones that match the job requirements.

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Job postings are free, but finding the right candidate can cost a percentage – Fiverr gets a percentage of what the candidate gets paid.

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Free job posting platforms not only help employers find suitable candidates but also help candidates find suitable jobs – in other words, they work best for both.

Even though the job postings are free, it does not mean that they are average or menial jobs. There are free jobs posted for all types of jobs, from beginning-level positions to jobs for experienced executives.

So looking for a job on these websites is not a loss, but a smart gain if you find the job you want.