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What is the amazon data scientist salary?

What is the amazon data scientist salary

Verifiable research has shown that the amazon data scientist salary is estimated at $164,114 and $125,296 per year, with cash bonuses and stock options.

Here, any careful observer would be tempted to question the core value of an Amazon Data Scientist salary while considering the total compensation opportunity of this job at companies like and other compensation components.

Before you read on, you should know that the basis of the discourse in this article revolves around how much an Amazon Data Scientist earns as a salary, knowing that Amazon stands out as one of the leading data-driven companies in the world, dependent on data scientists.

What is a data scientist?

What is a data scientist

The Data Scientist’s mission is to process and valorize “big data,” that is, massive data. As a senior manager, he is responsible for establishing a coherent strategy for his company, which may be a bank or financial institution, an insurance company, an agency specializing in digital statistics, or a marketing company. Its role is to manage incoming information and use it for business purposes.

This job involves using the Internet, multimedia applications, and smartphones to collect as much information as possible. After analyzing them rigorously to establish an organizational and operational strategy for his company, he draws from their marketing, commercial, customer loyalty, or brand image enhancement solutions. The sources are numerous and scattered on various networks.

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What does a Data Scientist do at Amazon?

Whether considered a job description or the essential workings of a data scientist, the activity involves the combination of computer science, statistics, and mathematics.

At Amazon, a data scientist is a link between business and technology. Data scientists perform the function of transforming and modeling large-scale datasets while providing valuable business insights to stakeholders.
If you’ve ever wondered what generates Amazon Data Scientist’s unpaid payment, the answer lies in their functions, which involve execution and data collection.

By determining the amazon data scientist salary, their job allows them to work on products and services available to millions of people around the world.

Benefits of working at Amazon

Benefits of working at Amazon

Working at Amazon has more benefits than just the salary structure. The Amazon Data Scientist Salary Schedule has other reward systems like incentives which are described below in this order:

  • Infertility benefits
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Employee discounts for Amazon
  • Free consulting services and referrals
  • 401K plan with matching contributions
  • Subsidized rates on home, tenant, auto, and pet insurance
  • Adoption assistance comes with a $5,000 reimbursement of the cost of adopting a child
  • Six weeks of parental leave; natural mothers benefit from an additional four weeks before giving birth and also ten weeks after giving birth

Data Scientist Salary Levels at Amazon

Salary Levels

There is a leveling system to determine the promotion or compensation schedule. Here, the level of data scientists in Amazon has been represented using the alphabet “L” with different digits.

For trainees

In the tech industry, especially during a summer internship, Amazon interns are well paid up to $7,725, along with other benefits that border transportation and housing.

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For L4

With proficiency in a scripting language, SQL, or otherwise, entry-level data scientists with less than four years of experience and pursuing advanced degrees fall into this column. Including a bonus, the base salary for L4 is $164,000 per year.

For L5

Mid-level data scientists with four to seven years of experience fall into this category. The view is that knowledge of coding is probably necessary.
Including a bonus, the average salary for L5 is $225,000 per year.

For L6

Data scientists with advanced degrees like a Ph.D. in machine learning, natural language processing, etc., take on the role of senior data scientist at Amazon. Including a bonus, L6’s base salary is $336,000 per year.

For L7

In addition to handling other management responsibilities and leading team operations, data scientists in this category have work experience of a decade and more, and they are considered leading data scientists.

Including a bonus, the average salary for L7 is $567,000 per year. However, if you are passionate about intentional growth and persistence in your work, you can take it to the next level by learning new skills.

What is the amazon data scientist salary?

amazon data scientist salary

In Amazon, the average data scientist salary is estimated at around $164,114 per year. From research in the United States, the estimated base salary is $125,296 and $39,818 plus bonuses. But how much does an amazon data scientist earn per week and hour?
• Per week is $3,419.
• Per hour is $20.

Along with a few other perks, the total compensation is $34,900 above the average for a data scientist in the United States.

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What are the factors affecting these salaries?

the factors affecting these salaries

Excluding education, which has become a common factor determining the salary of most Amazon data scientists, three critical viewpoints are still considered regarding Amazon data scientist salary.

Experience is a crucial factor in determining salary. Every year in this field of activity leads to an increase in salary or remuneration.

Location is on this list because it is one of the bases determining salary.

Your job title
This has become a factor in the salaries of Amazon data scientists, as their salary increases based on the number of tasks or contributions they make to the growth and development of the business.


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